Rachel G. Bratt

Rachel G. Bratt is professor and chair of the Department of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning at Tufts University. This article is based on her chapter, “Community Development Corporations: Challenges in Supporting a Right to Housing,” in A Right to Housing: Foundation for A New Social Agenda (Temple University Press, 2006), which she co-edited with Michael E. Stone and Chester Hartman.


  • The Road to PETRA

    From the early days of the public housing program in the 1930s to the present, vociferous opposition has resulted in a host of problems. Understanding the history can help put President Obama’s PETRA program in context.

  • Why CDCs Should Advocate for a Right to Housing

    While the Constitution of the United States ensures citizens many rights, housing is not one of them - although such a right has been advocated for many years. _Shelterforce_ asked Chester Hartman and Rachel G. Bratt (co-editors of A Right To Housing, with Michael E. Stone) to discuss this notion of a “right to housing.” Bratt explains how a right to housing can advance the work of CDCs. Hartman, answering a series of questions, puts it into the context of other rights Americans expect.