Harold Simon

Harold Simon is executive director of the National Housing Institute and publisher of Shelterforce. Email Harold at <a >hsimon@nhi.org</a>


  • Interview: Jay Williams

    Jay Williams was the mayor of Youngstown, Ohio, from 2006 to 2011, at a time when Youngstown was attracting notoriety for making the unusual assertion that, rather than longing for its bygone glory days before the steel mills closed, it was going to embrace a vision of becoming a smaller, yet more vibrant city. (See Shelterforce’s  “Small Is Beautiful, Again”, for more on this approach and how it affects low-income residents.) Williams is now assistant secretary of commerce for economic development, and administrator of the Economic Development Administration. Prior to joining the U.S. Department of Commerce, Williams served as the executive director of the Office of Recovery for Auto Communities and Workers, and he also served in the White House as deputy director for the White House Office of Intergovernmental Affairs. In this position, he led efforts to engage mayors, city council members, and county officials around the country.

    Shelterforce spoke with Williams at the conference of the National Alliance of Economic Development Associations last fall in San Antonio.

  • Shelterforce Interview: Ron Faris, Ocwen CEO

    We speak with Ocwen CEO Ron Faris about why principal reduction makes business sense and some of the myths that get perpetuated about it.

  • Interview: Sister Lillian Murphy

    For Sister Lillian Murphy of Mercy Housing, your mission must not be an excuse to make bad business decisions.

  • Nicolas P. Retsinas

    Nicolas P. Retsinas, a senior lecturer in real estate at the Harvard Business School and director emeritus of Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies, talks with Shelterforce about his long service in the housing field.

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