appeared in Spring 2011

Counterpoint: The “Housing + Transportation Index” and Fair Housing

In 2010, the Center for Neighborhood Technology (CNT) released its Housing + Transportation Affordability Index, which ranks the affordability of neighborhoods based on a combined housing and transportation cost measure. The index grew out of the recognition that transportation is a growing share of household budgets, and that its cost is directly related to location. Without taking it into account, areas may seem to be “affordable” based on housing cost alone when in fact they impose a high cost burden in terms of transportation. In the following exchange, Philip Tegeler of Poverty and Race Research Action Council and Scott Bernstein of CNT discuss what to do about some of the possible unintended consequences of expanding the definition of affordability that far, but not farther.

Philip Tegeler: Transportation and Fair Housing Part 1
Scott Bernstein: Transportation and Fair Housing Part 2



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