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  • Angry Whitman residents.

    Integrating Whitman

    A long-forgotten battle over a set of row houses in South Philadelphia makes current day NIMBYism look tame. What can housing advocates learn about how they finally got built anyway?

  • Exclusive: Interview, Chester Hartman, Poverty & Race Research Action Council

    Chester Hartman was the first executive director of the Poverty & Race Research Action Council, and has been a leader in housing equity work for decades. His keen intellect and deep convictions, coupled with his writing, advocacy, scholarship, and leadership, have had a major effect on the field. Shelterforce is honored to have worked with him for many years as a member of our editorial board. His contributions to fair housing are extensive, and we’re sure those contributions will continue into his retirement. Right after his retirement from PRRAC as its director of research, Shelterforce had the opportunity to chat with him about his life, work, retirement, and hopes for the future.

  • Government-Funded Organizing?

    Public funding for community organizing would strengthen our democracy and relegitmize a beleaguered public sector. It’s time to stop writing off the idea.

  • The John Henry Hale Homes development in Nashville, Tennessee

    Bigger Forces at Play

    Mixed-income housing alone won’t solve economic segregation.

  • Why We Must Build

    We can’t build our way out of the housing crisis . . . but we won’t get out without building.

  • Payday loan store window graphics.

    New Jersey Divests from Payday Lending

    Advocates in New Jersey mobilize to make a state pension fund put its money where its state regulations are.

  • Interview: Gordon Chin, Founding Executive Director of the Chinatown Community Development Center

    Gordon Chin started San Francisco Chinatown Community Development Center (CCDC), a longstanding CDC well-known in the field, in the mid-1970s. In June 2015, he released Building Community, Chinatown Style, a book about his professional life, the founding and evolution of CCDC, and the future of community development. Josh Ishimatsu, director of Research and Capacity Building at the National Coalition for Asian-Pacific American Community Development, and a regular Shelterforce contributor, spoke with Chin about where community development is going, and where it should go.

  • San Francisco's Oakdale Houses

    Can San Francisco Get Mixed-Income Public Housing Redevelopment Right?

    The HOPE SF program is aiming to explicitly avoid many of the problems mixed-income public housing redevelopments have faced, to create a truly inclusive process.

  • The Challenges of Economic Integration

    The desire to create and sustain more mixed-income communities has been a key motivation behind many inclusionary housing programs. The evidence suggests that most inclusionary programs are able to deliver affordable housing efficiently and at the same time integrate those units into areas of economic opportunity that other affordable housing programs have difficulty reaching. At the extremes, however, communities are sometimes forced to choose between housing the greatest number of households and integrating that housing into the greatest range of environments.

  • Sign advertising

    Addressing Social Segregation in Mixed-Income Communities

    Living next to each other does not necessarily mean getting to know each other.

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