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  • Immigrant Integration Services Must Aim to Build Assets

    Financial coaching and small business development services should be right up there next to learning English.

  • Impact Hub, a coworking space partially financed by Fund Good Jobs.

    Not Just Any Job

    Community lenders and local governments wrestle with how to encourage—or simply require—that jobs created with their support provide real pathways to opportunity for those who need them most.

  • Serving the Community, In Their Language

    From hiring priorities to translation headsets to special requests of the phone company—the exciting and important work of serving multicultural, multilingual populations.

  • Participants in Mission Asset Fund's Lending Circle for Citizenship.

    Citizenship Is an Asset

    Naturalizing is a great way to improve opportunity, but it’s expensive. How can we open that door to more of the immigrants who qualify?

  • Learning to Stretch

    Community development corporations find ways to embrace new immigrant communities and new challenges.

  • The Revitalization Trap

    Place-based initiatives won’t address the kinds of injustice and poverty that community development was formed to fight.

  • Nebraska—For Liberty Village community's opening, homeowners were invited to display both the flags of the United States and their country of origin. In the 24 homes, ten different nationalities are represented.

    Building Multiculturally

    One culture’s idea of the ideal house is different from another. Luckily, floor plans are adaptable.

  • Eva and her son Joshua have been involved with WDP for over three years. Eva has testified at city hall and the state legislature in favor of better protections for construction workers.

    Protecting Immigrant Workers

    The Texas construction industry is a good example of what happens when immigrant workers’ rights are not respected. This organization explains how it's fighting back.

  • A New Remedy for America’s Complicated Immigration History

    Public and private will—not politics—will change the national immigration conversation

  • Interview with John Henneberger, Texas Low Income Housing Information Service

    It’s not every year (or even every decade) that community developers and housers see themselves represented in the ranks of the coveted MacArthur Fellows (or “genius grant” recipients). That in and of itself would be sufficiently exciting, but when Shelterforce staff sat down to talk to John Henneberger of the Texas Low Income Housing Information Service, one of the 2014 MacArthur geniuses, we certainly found ourselves impressed and excited. Driven by a sense of justice since college, he has been on the frontlines of the fight for equality and equity since those years. Henneberger has extensive knowledge of the field, an ability to clearly relate many of our most basic concerns to each other, and a clear-eyed focus on end goals above interim measures. In this two part interview, he talks about expansive definitions of “fair housing,” exciting organizing work in Texas that the rest of the country should keep an eye on, the role of a state-level advocacy organization, and much more.

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