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6 Under 36

*We’re 36 years young!* And so, in honor of Shelterforce’s 36th anniversary, we decided to look to the future and start off our 6 times 6 (6x6) anniversary coverage by hearing from 6 young (as in 36 or younger) community development leaders.…

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    Where Are They Now?

    Shelterforce was founded in 1975 in East Orange, N.J., by a collective of tenant advocates and organizers. Where…

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    1975 Was a Good Year

    We're not the only 36-year-old in town. Here is a small sampling of other 36th birthdays taking place this year:

  • 6 Ideas to Reshape Housing Policy

    In 1975, the Shelterforce Collective broke conventional wisdom with the idea that low-income individuals could challenge the system…... more

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    Conrad Egan

    What do Saul Alinsky, Students for a Democratic Society, HUD, and the Housing and Community Development Department of…  · 

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    Filling the Lending Vacuum

    As credit tightens and higher and higher numbers of commercial real estate loans enter default, CDCs are stepping up to fill the financing gap in economic development deals from which conventional lenders have been retreating.  · 

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    How Do You Choose?

    How do community developers whose goals include neighborhood revitalization identify which businesses or other non-residential tenants (library, healthcare center) are likely to create the most positive momentum in a given area? It’s certainly more art than science. We asked a few long-time community developers for their thoughts.

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    CLTs Go Commercial

    The idea of turning the community land trust model into an economic development tool is attracting growing interest, but there are still a lot of unanswered questions about how it would work.  · 

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    More Mission

    The Affordable Housing Program of the Federal Home Loan Banks is a marked success, and should be a model for expanding the system's investment in economic development.  · 

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    It’s All About Choice

    Rather than just developing homes for sale, City of Lakes CLT lets buyers pick houses to bring into the land trust.  · 

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    Making Light Rail Stop for Us

    A promising, billion-dollar Twin Cities light rail project almost bypassed lower-income neighborhoods on its route, but thanks to a coalition of community groups, it will now make all local stops.  · 

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Get Your Kicks On Route 66!

We’re going to take a ride down one of the country’s storied roadways to take a look at some of the organizations that are helping to preserve history and strengthen the future. From Chicago to Santa Monica, Route 66 reflects the challenges facing American communities today. Most places along the highway have seen ups and downs, and many have extraordinary people with important stories to be told.

Shelterforce 36th Anniversary Timeline

We’ve seen and written a lot about what happens in our communities. In many cases, our writers were prescient in their analysis as they warned of the potential (and often real) community fallout from predatory lending and misguided housing policy. 

Can you guess when this Shelterforce quote ran? “As hard times continue to plague most American families, the problem of mortgage foreclosures has intensified ... Many families have lost their homes—victims of unscrupulous mortgage bankers, lenders, and real estate con artists.”

Can you guess which president this refers to? “The president has decided that the future of our cities depends on business and that government’s role is to sweeten the pot for private investors.”

Get deja vu—and also see how far we’ve come—-with quotes from 36 years of Shelterforce.