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Brave New World for Nonprofits

The current "bathtub recession" poses a drowning hazard for community development and housing groups, as philanthropic giving shrinks and foundations look beyond nonprofits for solutions to social problems.  · 

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    Taking the Bull by the Horns

    As they rebuild from the financial meltdown of 2008, policymakers can finally craft measures to guarantee healthy communities and secure homes for all Americans.  · 

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    Homes That Last

    Counter-cyclical stewardship is the only way to ensure that lower-income families are neither nudged out by rising costs nor forced out by foreclosure.  · 

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    Do or Die for Nonprofits

    In a time of great economic peril for the communities they serve, nonprofit grass-roots organizations need to push the federal government to raise foundations' payout requirements.  · 

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    The Housing Change We Need

    The foreclosure crisis has pushed the envelope so far, it's left an opening where we can start building a real national housing policy.  · 

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    Riding the Storm Out

    The $3.92 billion Neighborhood Stabilization Program can spur recycling of the stock of abandoned and foreclosed homes produced by the mortgage crisis.  ·