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The Green New Deal

Majora Carter saw natural beauty and economic empowerment in her South Bronx neighborhood where others saw only a dumping ground. She's changing the urban landscape in a way that's been an eye-opener to people around the globe.  · 

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    Taking the LEED in Your Community

    Through local and regional initiatives, communities are tailoring the eco-revolution for their backyards.  · 

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    Making Food Deserts Bloom

    Finding fresh produce in low-income neighborhoods can be a struggle, but community efforts are striving to fill the void.  · 

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    Decoding Housing Finance Agencies

    State housing finance agencies play a pivotal role in affordable-housing development, yet many advocacy organizations don't know how to gain leverage in influencing these increasingly powerful bodies.  · 

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    Subprime’s Footprint

    While immediate steps are necessary to stem foreclosures, a comprehensive solution requires a broader brush.  · 

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    Salvaging Success from Failure

    While the case of Chicago's El Mercado marketplace project illustrates the kinds of false assuptions that get community development organizations into trouble, it can point the way toward sound decision-making  · 

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    Home Again

    With the help of its local community development corporation, a Boston neighborhood comes to terms with its transformation as a beloved church, long a treasured part of the community is reborn as housing.  · 

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    A Tale of Two Anaheims

    Disney may have won the day against the construction of affordable housing in its "tourism zone" but the coalition forged in the struggle against The Mouse is alive and well and pushing for a community benefits agreement in Anaheim's Platinum Triangle development.  ·