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Stemming the Red Tide

Greedy bankers, brokers, and investors abused their political power and forced millions of Americans to lose their homes. Now what can we do to solve the crisis?  · 

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    Help Now, Not Later

    A real public-private partnership to assist homeowners in peril of foreclosure is achievable in short order, and there's no time to lose.  · 

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    Running on Empty

    For decades, community developers have relied on the power of markets to bring neighborhoods back, but they can't build their way out of the foreclosure mess.  · 

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    Will Columbia Take Manhattanville?

    Balancing an Ivy League university's expansion plan with a Harlem neighborhood's needs is a tricky business, especially when eminent domain is in the mix.  · 

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    Taming Eminent Domain

    We can harness backlash against eminent domain abuses in the aftermath of the Supreme Court's Kelo decision to bring about genuine community empowerment in the redevelopment process.  · 

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    Take and Give

    Turning eminent domain into a tool for creating vital communities hinges on crafting a delicate balance between all who stand to benefit -- or lose out -- from the transformation of a neighborhood.  · 

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    Power of One

    With his 20-plus-year campaign for change, Neil Wollman helped move his retirement fund toward socially responsible investing.  · 

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