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  • Lots of Maps, Little Insight in Richard Florida’s Latest

    The New Urban Crisis: How Our Cities Are Increasing Inequality, Deepening Segregation, and Failing the Middle Class—and What We Can Do About It by Richard Florida. Basic Books, 2017, 336 pp., $14.64 (Hardcover), $17.99 (Kindle). Purchase a copy here.  · 

  • A Resource for Well-Meaning Landlords

    The Good Landlord: A Guide to Making a Profit While Making a Difference By Peter Gilman Shapiro. The Good Landlord Publishing, 2016, 284 pp., $19.95 (paperback); $8.99 (Kindle) Purchase a copy here.  · 

  • Hundreds help plan New Communities Inc.

    Continuing the Dream

    Arc of Justice, directed and produced by Helen S. Cohen and Mark Lipman. Open Studio Productions, 2016, 22 minutes. Price varies for home and institutional use. Purchase the DVD at  · 

  • Well Worth the Read

    What It’s Worth— Strengthening the Financial Future of Families, Communities and the Nation. Edited by Laura Choi, David Erickson, Kate Griffin, Andrea Levere, and Ellen Seidman. The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco/CFED, 2015, 393 pp., Free.

    Download a copy at  · 

  • A Voyeur’s View

    Deep South: Four Seasons on Back Roads by Paul Theroux, Eamon Dolan/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2015, 441 pp. Purchase at  · 

  • A New Way to Do Affirmative Action?

    Place, Not Race: A New Vision of Opportunity in America. by Sheryll Cashin. Beacon Press, 2014, 176 pp. $18 (paper). Purchase at  · 

  • Filmmaker Needs to Look at the Whole Picture

    I Got Schooled: The Unlikely Story of How a Moonlighting Moviemaker Learned the Five Keys to Closing America’s Achievement Gap, by M. Night Shyamalan. Simon & Schuster. 306 pp. $25.00 (hardcover). Purchase here.  · 

  • Joy and Justice

    Community Projects as Social Activism: From Direct Action to Direct Services, by Benjamin Shepard. Sage Publications, 2014. 253pp. Reviewed by Matthew Borus. Purchase here.  · 

  • Dispatches from Whose City?

    City by City: Dispatches from the American Metropolis, edited by Keith Gessen and Stephen Squibb. N + 1. 2015, 496pp, $18 (paper). Purchase here.  · 

  • It’s Not Actually About Ownership

    Private Property and Public Power: Eminent Domain in Philadelphia, by Debbie Becher. Oxford University Press, 2014. 334pp. $30.50 (paper) Purchase here.  · 

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