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  • Advancing Power

    _Transforming the City: Community Organizing and the Challenge of Political Change_, edited by Marion Orr. Lawrence, Kansas: University…  · 

  • The ABCs of Organizing

    I left a perfectly good job in a curtain factory in Holyoke, Mass., in 1971 to work in…  · 

  • Lessons from a Chicago Saga

    After five summers of urban riots, the Kerner Commission Report of 1968 warned of two separate societies-black and…  · 

  • When Goliath Comes

    _Promise and Betrayal: Universities and the Battle for Sustainable Urban Neighborhoods_, by John I. Gilderbloom and R.L. Mullins…  · 

  • Ghetto Salvation

    _How the Other Half Worships_, by Camilo Jose Vergara. Rutgers University Press, New Brunswick, NJ, 2005, 304 pp.…  · 

  • A Community Whodunit

    _The Long Stair: An Albany Mystery_, by Kirby White. Fox Creek Press, 2005, 220 pp. $15 (paperback). The…  · 

  • Designing Affordable Housing

    Good design and affordability are not mutually exclusive, but finding help to bring these two together can be tough.  · 

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