Department: Editor's Note

  • Making Connections

    How often have you heard the phrase "affordable transportation" as a companion to "affordable housing"? My first time…  · 

  • Rules Matter

    Marge Piercy's poem "To Be of Use" praises people who jump right in to whatever work needs to…  · 

  • Changes, Big and Small

    Things keep changing; sometimes for the better, sometimes worse. When President Obama nominated Shaun Donovan as HUD secretary,…  · 

  • Hello, Again

    When I last wrote an editor's note for Shelterforce (#117, May/June 2001), we were all adjusting to the…  · 

  • Who Knew? Oh Yeah, We Did

    In the November 1999 issue of Shelterforce, Ralph Nader wrote: bq. A study released by the Federal Deposit…  · 

  • More than Words

    Over the past few months we've gotten a clear indication of how the Obama administration approaches community development.…  · 

  • Publisher’s Note

    It's quite a time to rejoin _Shelterforce_. As we struggle with the pain and despair that comes from…  · 

  • Note from the Board

    I would like to take this opportunity today to tell you about some important changes at the National…  · 

  • Who You Gonna Call?

    Hurricane Gustav blew into the Gulf Coast on Labor Day weekend, almost three years to the day that…  · 

  • Moving at Warp Speed

    I don't know much about physics or math. My claim to Einsteinian expertise pretty much begins and ends…  · 

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