Subject: Economic Development

  • Sprawl vs. Unions

    The three very different stories of the building trades in Atlanta, Denver, and Portland, Ore., show just how much urban development patterns affect workers.  · 

  • Rubbie McCoy (rt), a ProsperUs student, and her twin sister, featuring McCoy's balloon art at ProsperUs's 2014 annual convening.

    Out from Under the Table

    An enterpreneurial training program in Detroit has an unexpected side benefit—legitimizing existing but unofficial businesses, and poising them for growth.  · 

  • New Era Windows is a worker cooperative formed by the employees of Republic Window and Door Factory. When Republic closed in 2008 despite profitability, the workers occupied the factory in protest, capturing many imaginations. In 2012, with the help of The Working World, United Electrical Workers Union, and the Center for Workplace Democracy, they organized and fought for the right to purchase the company and make it into a cooperative. <a href=Read more here." />

    Forging a Transformative Vision

    Building economic power through community ownership is the antidote to the systemic failures of our current system.  · 

  • Thinking Outside the Big Box

    Urban centers need to come up with creative solutions to keep their local economies safe from the crushing force of big-box retailers.  · 

  • Worker-owners at the Mandela Food Cooperative in West Oakland, Calif.

    The Cooperative Solution

    Cooperatives align closely with the goals and values of community developers and deserve more attention as an economic development strategy.  · 

  • United for Hire workers stand in solidarity with Verizon workers during their general strike in 2012.

    To Build a Community Economy, Start With Solidarity

    How residents who can't afford to buy in can still get the benefits of co-op work and housing.  · 

  • Focus on Scale Up, Not Start-up

    To truly transform local neighborhoods, we must shift our attention to invest in enterprise scale, not start-ups, as a long-lasting solution for creating good jobs.  · 

  • Humboldt Construction Company at work.

    Keeping the Jobs in House

    Humboldt Construction Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of a Chicago CDC, has been providing local employment and high-quality work for over 30 years.  · 

  • Lifting the Fog on Section 3

    When it's more appealing to circumvent the law requiring that jobs in public housing construction go to qualified residents than to follow it, something needs to change.  · 

  • Worker on the site of the Kroc Community Center in Boston.

    Hitting Construction Hiring Goals

    How do you ensure that the jobs a new development is supposed to bring to a community actually go to underrepresented populations?  · 

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