Subject: Organizing

  • Kathryn Tholin, CEO of the Center for Neighborhood Technology, poses with one of the group's I-Go Hybrid Electric Vehicles outside the center in Chicago. The Center for Neighborhood Technology is a Chicago nonprofit that researches and launches projects with economic and environmental benefits for urban areas. The center is among the eight winners of this year's MacArthur Foundation grants for nonprofit organizations.

    Equity 2.0:  The Missing Pieces

    Under President Obama, data transparency, private-sector innovation, and a renewed commitment to expanding opportunity could revolutionize housing and urban planning. But just as proponents of equity, open government data, and social entrepreneurship are being appointed to key positions, and while the administration is still young, the new HUD/DOT sustainable communities initiative illustrates why the devil is in the details.  · 

  • Learning to Love Sticky Cities

    Dispelling stereotypes, the Great Lakes Urban Exchange has set out to unite the Rust Belt, starting with restoration of the Great Lakes region and ending with equitable, sustainable transformation.  · 

  • Geraud Blanks, (back row, far right), and others from the Safe & Sound Community Partners team meet up before heading out into the neighborhood.

    Walking the Walk

    In a city full of problems and promise, I'm taking the first steps toward learning up close what community organizing can accomplish.  · 

  • Promotional dollars created to publicize Neil Wollman's Social Choice For Social Change campaign.

    Power of One

    With his 20-plus-year campaign for change, Neil Wollman helped move his retirement fund toward socially responsible investing.  · 

  • Franklin Thomas, founder of the Bedford-Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation, with maps of the neighborhood, 1968.

    Out Front and In Sync

    What kind of leadership does the community development field demand in the 21st century?  · 

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