Subject: Communities

  • DJ Kool Herc, whose back-to-school parties in the 1970s at 1520 Sedgwick are considered by many to be the genesis of hip-hop.

    Saving the Birthplace of Hip-Hop

    A Bronx-based building known as the birthplace of hip-hop has been the subject of a high-profile tug of war between gambling real-estate investors and an eclectic yet powerful group of tenants, housing advocates, city agencies, local politicians, and hip-hop artists. The building’s well-publicized plight has helped shine a light on the threat predatory equity poses to affordable multifamily housing.  · 

  • The Green Team of Slavic Village Development, a Cleveland CDC, creating raised bed gardens.

    Where Do We Fit In? CDCs and the Emerging Shrinking City Movement

    As some cities begin to admit they are shrinking, CDCs in high-abandonment neighborhoods are rethinking their traditional roles, and even their missions.  · 

  • Philadelphia’s Greensgrow Farm began in 1998 on a former brownfield site in a low-income neighborhood.

    Greening Vacant Land

    Urban agriculture projects bring hope -- and food -- to communities that have long suffered from a glut of empty lots.  · 

  • Residents of Champlain Housing Trust, Burlington, Vt.

    Stewardship Works

    Community land trusts succeed in curing delinquencies and preventing foreclosures, and the numbers show it.  · 

  • The Great American Fire Sale

    Investors have played, and will continue to play, an important role in foreclosure-ravaged communities. What can towns do to ensure investors are responsible, and what role can CDCs play?  · 

  • Volunteers, taking part in an extensive NSP plan in Goshen, Ind., participate in a volunteer work day organized by La Casa of Goshen.

    Volunteerism in Community Development: Going Beyond a Helping Hand

    The 2008 presidential campaign showed us another side of volunteering. It drew literally millions of people, many for the first time, into the electoral process. But beyond political campaigns, can volunteerism provide increased capacity for communities and community organizations?  · 

  • Photo by Miriam Axel-Lute

    Disappearing Act

    Facing financial difficulties as new technology takes customers away, the United States Postal Service reviewed 3,300 branches to find those that could be deemed disposable. In low-income communities, just how disposable are the final 162?  · 

  • Operation Neighborhood Recovery

    Urban Essex County, New Jersey, one of the hardest hit areas in the state by the ongoing foreclosure crisis, could be the laboratory for a reinvention of community development. A local CDC there has completed the successful acquisition, by way of an alliance of nonprofits, of 47 mortgages expected to foreclose with an eye toward stabilizing neighborhoods in some of the oldest suburban communities in New Jersey.  · 

  • Matthew Brian Hersh/Shelterforce 2009

    Great Falls And The Silk City

    New Jersey's Paterson is the nation's oldest planned industrial city -- depend on who you ask. But it has fallen on hard times since the once-booming silk industry there declined in the latter half of the 20th century. Much of the industry in this city of 150,000 has since left, but with the help of a local CDC there, as well as corporate and community partners, a geological attraction once envisioned by Alexander Hamilton as something that could be harnessed for industrial might, is fully protected, and being prepared for a makeover.  · 

  • Save Middle East Action Committee (SMEAC) held a celebration after a successful community meeting.

    Taming Eminent Domain

    We can harness backlash against eminent domain abuses in the aftermath of the Supreme Court's Kelo decision to bring about genuine community empowerment in the redevelopment process.  · 

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