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  • Nationwide Children’s Hospital Community Day. Photo courtesy of Nationwide Children’s Hospital

    A New Responsibility for Children’s Hospitals: The Health of Neighborhoods

    Children’s hospitals in Ohio are making key investments to address a major cause of poor health — substandard housing.  · 

  • A doctor at the Daughters of Charity Health Center in New Orleans chats with a patient. Since 2015, the center and Southeastern Louisiana Legal Services have participated in a partnership to address the health and legal needs of patients.

    Making the Right Connections

    A health center in New Orleans has partnered with a legal services agency to better help patients by addressing the social determinants of health. This “medical-legal partnership” is part of a growing trend that’s taking place across the nation.  · 

  • Calvin Russell

    Housing Authority Eliminates Ban of Ex-Offenders

    With the approval of new background check procedures, a criminal conviction won’t automatically disqualify a person from receiving public housing or voucher assistance in New Orleans.  · 

  • Shelterforce Exclusive: Interview with HUD Secretary Julián Castro

    In September 2015, on the 50th anniversary of President Lyndon Johnson’s signing of the bill that created HUD, Julián Castro, the agency’s 16th secretary, spoke at the University of Texas. In his speech he noted how the agency was formed partially in response to the Watts Rebellion in Los Angeles a month prior, situating the agency’s mission firmly in a social justice context, and he praised President Johnson as someone who believed in the potential for government to be a force for good. On September 3rd, Shelterforce got a chance to speak with Secretary Castro about some of the current ways in which he’s working to make HUD a force for good in people’s lives, and what steps there are left to be taken.

  • Schools that Support Students’ Whole Lives

    Community schools support kids, families, and neighborhoods in their mission to improve education.  · 

  • Community Land Trusts Across the Pond

    The CLT sector in the United Kingdom is young but booming  · 

  • The People’s Court

    Cleveland housing court Judge Raymond Pianka uses innovative legal tactics to achieve code compliance, but is it enough to stabilize neighborhoods?  · 

  • Not every land reuse will result in a profit.

    Planning on Shrinking

    It’s time to understand that shrinkage is no longer somebody else’s problem.  · 

  • Fighting Predatory Equity

    When predatory equity investors take a gamble on multifamily housing, it's the tenants who suffer -- whether from harassment or crumbling buildings. Advocates and tenants in New York have won the fight to get some of these buildings into responsible hands, but many are still in limbo, and some are reentering the cycle of speculation.  · 

  • Transportation and Fair Housing Part 1: We Need a Better Measure of Opportunity

    Factoring in costs that tend to be lower in urban high-poverty neighborhoods, but not costs that tend to be higher there makes the H+T Index unsuitable as a tool for locating low-income housing.  · 

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