Subject: Arts & Culture

  • Looking at Places Through Artists’ Eyes

    How an Alaskan housing authority plans to focus on creative placemaking as a development strategy to better reflect the communities it serves.  · 

  • An Appetite for Art in Small Town Minnesota

    In rapidly diversifying rural Minnesota, an ArtPlace grant is seen as a resource for celebrating cultures and creating bridges between them.  · 

  • Artist works on stone body casting in the former Church of Love site.

    Bringing Together Arts and Community Development

    Who has been behind the large increase in financial support for and attention to what has been termed “creative placemaking” over the past couple years, and why?  · 

  • Yae Aihara talks about a 1954 photo of the Nisei Veterans Women's Auxiliary, the women's organization in Little Tokyo.

    Preserving the Character of Little Tokyo

    In the wake of rapid gentrification, an organization in Los Angeles leverages the arts to celebrate a community’s rich heritage and keep social equity as a priority.  · 

  • The New Breed Bass Band.

    Keeping Your Artists Close to Home

    New Orleans relies on its artists as a core part of its economy. What can be done when those artists can no longer afford to call the city home?  · 

  • The community asks questions about the project.

    Creating Miles of Art in the Mile High City

    How a Denver organization intends to create a 9-mile art-, health-, and heritage-themed bike and pedestrian trail that will feature authentic cultural expression.  · 

  • Children become active participants and storytellers.

    Affordable Housing and . . . a Museum

    For over 30 years, Broadway Housing Communities has developed its own formula for meeting the housing needs of West Harlem's lowest-income residents. One of its unorthodox ingredients has been art galleries, and now, there’s a children's museum in its newest building.  · 

  • Community member works on assembling the Urban Resilience mural.

    A Tale of Two Murals

    Having had the experience of public art with no public involvement, a community organization set out to show there could be another way.  · 

  • HOPS ART's CAP installation, co-organized by local creative production collective Arts and Rhymes.

    Working with Local Artists

    In response to an influx of high-profile street art, one Brooklyn community development organization decided to invest in homegrown art and artists, and learn how to support them.  · 

  • Poet traci kato-kiriyama performed at a panel at PolicyLink's equity summit.

    Poetry on the Panel

    Attendees at the 2015 PolicyLink Equity Summit experienced something unexpected when they walked into many of the panels and workshops—a poetry performance.  · 

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