Subject: Affordable Housing

  • Best of Both Worlds

    Permanent affordability and asset building might seem at first blush to be contradictory goals for a low-income homeownership program, but new research says in fact they can be achieved together.  · 

  • The (Not So) Sudden Push Against New Jersey’s Fair Share Affordable Housing Policy

    Pressure has been building for a long time against the red tape and inflexibility of the agency that implements New Jersey’s landmark fair share housing policy. Can the spirit of Mount Laurel survive the backlash against the details?  · 

  • Homeownership Done Right

    While the Massachusetts Affordable Housing Alliance is helping people buy homes, their aim is to build an army of trained homeowners to engage their own neighbors in organizing and advocacy.  · 

  • New Ideas For Strengthening Federal Rental Assistance

    With housing stability increasingly important for families under economic duress, additional rental funds could help to fund local housing authorities in order to assist families in need. New thinking could result in a plan aimed to help families get back into the mainstream, as well place them on a on a path toward increased personal wealth.  · 

  • For Brooklyn’s Starrett City, Affordability is Binding

    The owners of Brooklyn's 140-acre Starrett City, the largest federally subsidized housing complex in the country, have reached…  · 

  • Decoding Housing Finance Agencies

    State housing finance agencies play a pivotal role in affordable-housing development, yet many advocacy organizations don't know how to gain leverage in influencing these increasingly powerful bodies.  · 

  • A Tale of Two Anaheims

    Disney may have won the day against the construction of affordable housing in its "tourism zone" but the coalition forged in the struggle against The Mouse is alive and well and pushing for a community benefits agreement in Anaheim's Platinum Triangle development.  · 

  • Industry News

    h5. *Organizations* "The Housing Assistance Council (HAC)": is providing more than $7.4 million to 36 organizations that are…

  • Bethel Commercial Center, part of Bethel New Life's Lake Pulaski Transit Village Plan, which includes affordable, energy-efficient homes, parks, brownfield redevelopment, commercial development, and proximity to child-care, schools, shopping, and jobs.

    Balancing Act

    Old definitions may be obsolete as CDCs weigh whether to grow and how to build their impact in today's social and economic environment.  · 

  • Grasslands and subdivisions on the Colorado Front Range, Larimer County, Colorado.

    Beyond the Farm

    New trends in rural community development make the work of rural CDCs appear more in line with that of their big-city counterparts.  · 

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